Weekday Studies


Adult Discipleship classes not only offer an outlet for deeper study in a particular area, but also the chance to get to know other members within a more intimate environment. Studying and learning together allows us to share our thoughts on God, the Bible and our spiritual journeys, while also learning from each other’s experiences.

Monday Mornings with James

Mondays, 9:30am | Room 362 | Women

An in-depth Bible study and Christian fellowship to start your week.

Disciple I

Monday | 12:00pm | Room 362

Monday | 7:00pm | Room 362

The very popular and transformational Bible study program Disciple has returned to Northside Church! If you ever wanted to get deep into the study of scripture and develop a firm foundation in all that the Bible has for us, there is no better program for such a worthy endeavor. Combining elements of community, fellowship, study, and accountability, Disciple is designed to create and develop committed leaders and disciples in the Church. Do you want to be a Disciple?

Disciple II

Monday | 7:00pm | Room 364

The second phase of the Disciple program, further developing disciples for Christ. This is a year-long study.

Protesting the Church & Reforming the Faith

Tuesdays, 7:00pm | Room 365 | Adults of All Ages

The Reformation began exactly 500 years ago – and is still going on today.

Wednesday Mornings

Wednesdays, 10:30am | Chapel

Learning more about the Word of God in the middle of the week.

Words in the Word

Wednesdays, 7:00PM | Room 362

The Bible has a lot of big and important words: what do they mean?