Connect With Others


Altar Flower Delivery

Following the 11:00AM worship service each Sunday, a volunteer takes the flowers from the altar to a church member who is in the hospital or has just been released from the hospital or to one of our homebound members. In addition to the flowers, a card made by a child in our Children’s Ministry and a card are taken.


Care Callers

Each week calls are made to church members who have just gotten out of the hospital or who have been sick or who are homebound. It is important to let members know how important they are to us. A brief phone call reminds them that we care about how they are doing.


Sunday Morning Greeters

How nice it is to be greeted by a smiling face and a welcoming word when you come to church on a Sunday morning! Our Sunday Morning Greeters stand by the doors of the church to assist those who are guests or to offer kind hospitality to members.


Family Visits with our Homebound

The Pastoral Care Ministry and the Children’s Ministry have teamed up to create a very special, meaningful outreach ministry. Families with preschool to elementary age children will be provided with names of homebound members to visit within the upcoming month. The families may take flowers from their yards, homemade cookies or cards made by the children as they represent Northside Church and Christ’s presence to those they are visiting.


Homebound Communion

Every Sunday that the Northisde family celebrates Holy Communion, there are elements on the altar that are also consecrated to be offered specifically to our homebound members. Lay ministers then take communion to our members who have difficulty getting to church. If you know of someone who would like to receive communion at home or if you would like to be on the team to serve communion to others, please contact Dr. Ann.