Crucial Conversations

Sundays at 5:00PM from October 20 to November 17

Life gets messy for everyone, and none of us should face challenges alone. These seminars are designed to support, encourage, and equip us to navigate tough waters as a church family. We are inviting anyone who is interested. It is not just for people who are struggling. It is for those who are willing to support a struggling loved one as well. We all need the reminder that God redeems and makes everything new.


Mental Health · October 20
Speaking: Martha Tate, LCSW and Don Durkee, LPC

Mental health lies at the root of our own private struggles and the violence we see erupting on our TVs. Counselor Martha Tate will discuss ways to rewire our anxious, depressive, stressed-out brains through simple practices designed to nurture us, body and soul. Seasoned therapist Don Durkee will lay out the complex landscape of suicidal thought as it slowly snowballs to impact us, our loved ones, and our community.

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Addiction · October 27
Speaking: Matt Erwin, CAC II, CAMS · MARR Residential Coordinator
Lauren Davis, MS, LPC · MARR Director of Admissions

Addiction appears in our culture in a variety of ways, sometimes obvious, sometimes more subtle, but always dangerous. Our hope is to bring light to the wide variety of ways that addiction can present itself in our culture, and how we can be equipped to deal with obvious and subtle addiction if it occurs in our life or in the life of a loved one. Professionals from MARR, a nearby addiction treatment center, will lead a conversation on warning signs, recovery, and hope.

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Marriage · November 3
Speaking: Kristin and Tommy Newberry

How do we bring out the best in our spouse so that we can love and respect each other as God intends? Through this inspirational message, we’ll learn how to adjust our thoughts, words, and actions, growing together in the same direction during good times and especially during tough times. Pulling from their long-standing Couples Planning Retreat, Kristin and Tommy encourage us to live intentionally with our inevitable legacy top-of-mind.

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Divorce · November 10

Speaking: Tim Bouman, LPC and Vilda S. Brannen, MS, LPC, CPCS

Often when individuals experience a divorce, it can be difficult to know where to turn. As we die to old dreams, hope seems elusive, as does the necessary bastion of support that can help us navigate divorce’s rippling effects. As a church family, divorce has touched all of us, whether personally or through a loved one; let us then be the love, support, and sure-footing in each other’s lives. Let us engage in healthy conversations that equip us on what to say to a loved one experiencing this painful process, how to sustain healthy relationships with kids and ex-spouse, and what is gained and lost when a family changes form. All are welcome, whether you are living through a divorce, supporting a loved one, or have gone through a divorce in the past.

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Financial Balance · November 17
Speaking: Art Rollins, Managing Director, Private Wealth Advisor

Financial balance looks different during various stages of our lives. Sometimes financial balance feels like our feet are planted firmly on solid ground, and other times it may feel as though we are carrying an off-balanced load of debt, expectations, hopes, dreams, and commitments, all while teetering on a tightrope. Being able to openly and honestly communicate our financial picture across generations can help families set clear expectations, avoid misunderstandings, and lessen future disappointments.

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