The Adult Discipleship ministry at Northside offers Sunday school classes, weekday Bible studies, and spiritual formation opportunities for adults at every stage of their journey with Christ.

Adult Sunday Studies

We have various Sunday School classes that tackle issues of faith in the contemporary world, engage Sunday’s sermon to unearth real-world application, and consider biblically and doctrinally based answers to deep questions of faith. Some studies are lecture-based while others are lay-led and more informal. All of our classes promote open discussion, friendship, and growth. There’s something for adults of every age!

Adult Weekday Studies

The Adult Discipleship ministry offers weekday Bible and discipleship classes, a reoccurring faith and film series, and various book studies designed to provide a fresh injection of God’s Word throughout the week. Led by Northside’s Director of Adult Discipleship, James Johnson, classes marry a wealth of knowledge with laid-back discussions on faith, theology, and biblical truths.

Dinner Groups

Northside Dinner Groups are designed to bring fun-loving, like-minded people together for the sole purpose of building community. Groups meet once a month for dinner and fellowship, and are open to everyone.

Disciple Bible Study Program

The journey of a disciple is fraught with mountains and valleys of faith, a long path with many twists and turns. It is not one that should be ventured alone. Indeed, without the encouragement and support of fellow disciples, the journey is impossible. The Disciple Bible study program offered here at Northside provides the perfect atmosphere for forming and developing community along the path to becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ, through an in-depth study of Scripture.

Men’s Small Groups

Looking to connect with fellow men walking a similar path? Men’s Ministry offers daily small groups, Bible studies, and men’s gatherings designed to promote fellowship, strengthen relationships, and equip men with Biblical truths and application to become better fathers, husbands, sons, and disciples.

United Methodist Women

The United Methodist Women (UMW) is a group of Northside women dedicated to helping women and children in the Atlanta area, nationally, and throughout the world. We have daytime and evening meetings for all ages of women in the church. The meetings during the year that bring all the groups together are the Day of Service, the Baby Celebration Service and the Christmas Communion Service.

Women’s Small Groups

Each semester we offer a variety of Bible studies for women of all ages and stages of life. Our Bible studies serve as a way for women in our church to build community through information and encouragement. Many of our studies meet in homes, which provides a warm and nurturing environment to study God’s word.